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In two weeks, I'll be basically living in a different city for five months. To finish my degree, I have to spend two semesters in Moscow so that I can take upper division courses at the University of Idaho campus. I am SO close, I can almost taste that diploma. I finished the semester with straight A's, which was a miracle considering all the shit that i went through this term. I think my spinning teacher gave me an A out of pity...or because she didn't even know my name. I can't even focus on Christmas when I know that I have this huge change coming up. I have an apartment down there with a roommate. I've never had a roommate. Ever. Let alone a roommate that is a complete stranger. So many things to figure out - do i label kitchen goods? i really don't care if she steals some of my lucky charms. what about our pooping schedules? i am introverted and worried she'll be offended when i spend most of my time in my room, studying or listening to records. i am going to be down there without a car, which means walking EVERYWHERE. being that i've spent very little time in Moscow, there is going to be a learning curve. i got lost just walking around the campus, which is HUUUUGGE. i mean it takes up several city blocks and there are no campus maps ANYWHERE, which is ridiculous right? my older sons are going to be in oregon next week and my husband has ten days off starting tomorrow. it's going to be such a relaxing, quiet week. i've been drinking. a lot. i need to start taking care of my body - stop eating so much junk and poisoning it with alcohol. i feel groggy and tired a lot and i know that's why. my weight is the lowest it's ever been (136) and now i feel i have more weight issues than ever because i'm terrified of it creeping back up. i swear i stare at my stomach after every feast. anyway...i'm hoping to get a new tattoo on my shoulder before i leave and get my nose pierced. i feel rebellious, like i need a change!


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