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catch ya on the flip side
There is no turning back now. As I type this, my husband is dismantling my bike and loading boxes into the back of our car. Tomorrow morning is the beginning of a new adventure. As I write this, my heart aches. I can’t even begin to describe how much I will miss my family, even my rambunctious basset hounds. The thought of a quiet apartment and an empty bed is daunting. I am expecting a very rough first night. Today I was quite grumpy with everyone – I think it was my way of trying to deal with the emotional turmoil of leaving. When I think about saying goodbye to my husband tomorrow, I feel the sobs building up in my throat. When I think about hugging and kissing the kids before we set out in the morning, I just want to rush out and unpack all those damn boxes. I keep trying to think positive thoughts. I’m trying to remain focused on WHY I am doing this. A big part of me is guilty for also being excited. As a young mama, I never really got to experience the “college life”. For the past nine years, I haven’t had more than a few random days “off” here and there. I wonder what I will learn about myself. I know that my husband is a strong man and he can hold down the fort in my absence. He’s an amazing man and I am eternally grateful that he is giving me this opportunity to fulfill my dream of completing my education. Most men would not allow their wives this kind of experience. I am incredibly lucky for this beautiful family of mine. We may have our dysfunctional moments, but our household is one full of love.

I just wonder what I am going to do without this face every morning.

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*hugs* good luck with everything <3

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