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This is my second full day in Moscow. Saturday was rough, as I had expected it would be. Saying goodbye to the kids went okay. The older kids were pretty much tired of me saying goodbye a million times and just wanted to get back to playing their games. Colton was much too excited by the arrival of his grandparents at our house to really be fazed by me leaving - also, he's much too young to understand what is really happening. After we unloaded all of my junk, we went to the sports bar to share a few drinks, and then out to dinner at a Chinese dive that I won't be visiting again anytime soon. As soon as we arrived back at my apartment, it hit me - Jeff was leaving me alone here. I wasn't going home with him. I started bawling like a baby. I had to make him leave so that I didn't do something stupid - like cling to his legs like a child and beg him not to go. My roommate wasn't here on Saturday, so the apartment was super quiet. I could hear water dripping and the neighbors upstairs. It was so weird. Jeff called me the second he got home, which immediately prompted sobs. I was in a pretty dark place. After unpacking, I curled up in bed and watched my favorite guilty pleasure shows. Yesterday wasn't bad. I woke up feeling a lot more optimistic and upbeat. I walked to the campus and found all the buildings that I need and then met with my sister for lunch. I found the sports bar and watched the Denver playoff game and then even found my way home. My roommate was pretty tired when she got home and pretty much went straight to bed, but just having her here relaxed me SO much. I was able to sleep like a rock. Today I got my student ID and have my first job interview in YEARS. Basically, the position is trying to squeeze money out of potential donors via phone calls. I really don't mind and it would be a good way to fill some of this extra time that I suddenly have and make a little extra cash. It's only ten hours a week so it's not a huge commitment. I'm not really quite sure how the interview went. I was super nervous and even told the young ladies that...I didn't exactly come across as super confident, but I wanted to be honest. i guess it helps that I don't exactly NEED this job. The bills will still get paid without it. I just sat in a trendy coffee shop, sipping on delicious hot cocoa and reading a zombie novel...I am feeling more and more like a college student every day. My classes start on Wednesday - I seriously can't wait, how weird is that? 


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