i write this entry with a heavy heart. jeff's dog zappa passed away last night. we think he passed away in his sleep so we're hoping the pain was minimal. he has been deteriorating this past week, which prompted a visit to the vet's on saturday. they said his kidneys and liver were failing - they attempted to inject fluid into his skin hoping that would help hydrate him and bring about healing. however, he got much worse. he stopped walking around, drinking, eating...just stopped being our zappa. even though he was in such pain and couldn't stand, he even tried to bring himself to go outside to poop...but then collapsed and jeff had to carry him back inside. last night, jeff laid by his bed most of the night and this morning i woke up and he was gone. i've never seen jeff so devastated - he's had zappa for sixteen years and before you ask, having an old dog doesn't make you prepared for the time that they die. we had to throw his bed away, which left an empty spot on our bedroom floor that both of us just can't look at without bawling. we miss our zappa and hope that he's in some doggy heaven humping hot doggy ladies and enjoying an endless steak buffet. our house won't be the same without you, old man

So...about not posting forever, sorry! I've been so swept up in motherhood and school that I've barely had time to breathe. Some days I forget to use the restroom until I'm in pain...that was maybe more than you wanted to know. Anyhoo....things are going pretty awesome for the most part. I've got all A's and one B (Statistics) that I'm pretty sure I can bring up to an A before the semester ends. My kids are having a Halloween bash next weekend - 15 + kids running around in costumes in our tiny abode, hyped up on sugar....oh no!!! Today we are taking them on a scenic 90 minute Fall train ride through North Washington, which hopefully will be fun (as long as the kids don't get bored).

Now for the big, a few weeks ago things were INSANE. I had a stack of homework literally falling over on my desk and over 7 papers to write, which were each required to be AT LEAST 4 pages. As mentioned earlier, time is something greatly lacking and I didn't even have time to pick up my birth control prescription. Being married, we have sex maybe a handful of times a month if my husband is feeling saucy. If I've forgotten the pill than we always have a stock of good ol' condoms to fall back on....UNLESS your husband wakes you up from a deep slumber ready to go and you're not even conscious enough to realize what is happening until it's almost done (I realize how bad this sounds, but please continue reading). We knew immediately the next morning that we needed to take precautions and so Jeff rushed out and bought the morning after pill. I took it within 24 hours and started my birth control up right then. Well......two pregnancy tests later, I am pregnant. I haven't told friends, family, facebook so this is all hush, hush. I am a mess - I'm stressed, scared, and overwhelmed. BUT we're having this baby and we're going to love her ( I refuse to accept it could be another boy ) unconditionally.

So, yeah...that's all

Creepy Resemblances

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Today was my first day of the new term.... 

I woke up at 4 AM. One of the first things my loved ones will tell you about me is that I hate mornings. I don't just hate mornings, I turn into a monster. If you even look at me, I may stab you in the eye with my toothbrush or curse at you like a sailor. It was painful. Not to mention, the whole reason I had to wake up this early was to catch the bus so I could make it to my 8 AM science lab. If I didn't have that lab, well then I could've slept an extra two hours and rode with a friend. Well.....I get to school and am waiting outside the classroom...the teacher walks up and announces that lab was cancelled for the week. He then proceeds to point to a small calendar on the side of the door. At this point, I feel like smacking him in the face with my backpack and pointing out that I live an hour away and can't just simply meander in to check the door anytime I please. A class-wide e-mail would've been much appreciated. Anyway...most of my classes were so boring I wanted to scream. I hate first days. Seriously. I don't get why attendance is mandatory. I can read the syllabus myself, thank you very much. What is the point of paying 30 bucks in gas to listen to an instructor read word-for-word off a sheet that I could've printed off the computer in the privacy of my home, while in my pajamas. Classes I am most excited for: African Studies (which is online, but very collaborative), Humanities, and Spinning (Yes...I like to be punished). Spinning made me laugh today. I really was prepared for a work-out. I brought an entire gym bag with cycling clothes, dry shampoo, etc. However, we only cycled for TEN MINUTES! And people were complaining it was hard. Now, maybe I can't really judge too much...afterall, I do bike regularly and work-out on my stationary almost daily. HOWEVER, don't take a high intense cardio class if you are going to whining every two minutes. Start with something a little easier on your body and work up to spinning, you know what I mean? 

My last class ended at 415. I then had to walk my chubby ass 2.5 miles with 25+ pounds of textbooks strapped to my back and a gym bag slung over my shoulder to grab something to eat and get on the bus back home. Thank god for a husband who told the kids to leave me alone so I could head straight for bed. He also brought me ice cream, migraine medicine, and put on my favorite guilty pleasure shows. Love that dude to death. 

I'm missing my best friend like nuts right now. I'm sending her a little care package of old pictures of us, fun little gifts, and mixed cds as a thank you for having me for a few days. It's a little delayed, but in my house nothing gets done until about a month after it should. 

It's 125 AM...I guess after my rough day I should try to sleep especially because the homework is already piled up. UGH STATS! 

Hope you all had a mighty fine weekend, indeed :) 

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Yesterday was my friend's know, the one I was uninvited to and taken out of because of one mere mention of frustration with her. So, yeah...I was pretty depressed all week about it. I mean, I wanted to be there and I felt that I should have been there. Jeff was kind and took me to Coeur d' Alene for the day. We went for a long walk (3.5 miles) in the hot sun, hit up an amazing garage sale, and went out for lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. I met up with his sister last night for a few cocktails, but by the time I arrived everyone was pretty much already drunk. This is always my luck, but it was really fun and I got to meet some cool new peeps! I also got to see a family friend of ours, who I haven't seen in a long time because she lost her son in a freak accident and basically went off the radar for like a year. It was nice to see her smiling and care-free. She asked me about Colton, which made me feel slightly uncomfortable because I know how much she must ache inside. Anyway.... today I am taking my step mom out for lunch for her birthday and then taking the kids to the beach. I need to dive face first into that water pronto. Hope everyone's weekend is rocking. 

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Taking a break from vacation posts for a minute...

So, my sister shocked me a few weeks ago by telling me that she was pregnant. If you know anything about my sister, she is NOT a maternal person and I didn't even know she wanted babies. She told me that it was "hush, hush" because the doctors felt pessimistic about her carrying the baby to term because she was spotting and having health issues. I was over the moon excited. I mean, I have other nieces and nephews but by siblings that I don't even know (because they were already moved out by the time I was born). This would be my first niece or nephew by a sibling that I actually talk to on a regular basis. Anyway, we met up on Saturday and she told me that she lost the baby. I'm pretty bummed, even though I expected it. She seemed to be handling everything okay, but I really feel for her because I know she's probably putting up a strong front. 

I am still exhausted from our vacation. School starts in less than two weeks. I am kind of bummed because we haven't even really had nice weather until the last couple weeks. I feel like summer just started and now I am going to have to dive into a crazy semester. I have 17 credits this term, so once the semester starts...I will be pretty much stuck in textbook land until December. 

Jeff and I are on a juice diet. We aren't going super extreme and cutting off eating entirely, but we are trying to replace at least one meal a day with fresh fruit and veggie juice. We made a pineapple, mango, and orange juice that was AMAZING. We also made a green juice with cucumber, green apples, lemon, and kale. I wish that I could proclaim my deep love for it, but I can say that it was drinkable at least :) I drank the fruit juice for breakfast, had the veggie juice with fresh cut-up fruit for lunch, and I just ate celery w/ peanut butter for snack. We're going to have turkey tacos for dinner, which is our normal meal of the day. We'd love to try the juice-only diet, but our lifestyle really doesn't allow for the migraines, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. Jeff has to be able to work and I have to be able to take care of the children, you know? I put all my leftover soda in the garage - hoping for out of sight, out of mind to work. I really want to get rid of these 10 extra pounds still kicking around. Because most of them are attached to my upper arms and hips, I really have to start adding some toning exercises into my cardio routine. I have absolutely no work ethic when it comes to please give me some motivation tips if you have any! 

Day TWO - Kelowna, BC
 After four excruciatingly hot hours in the car, we arrived in Kelowna around 3:30. We checked in our hotel right away, freshened up, and went straight to the Cactus Club Café – which is a chain of fancy bar restaurants where every employee is a hot chick with big boobies in a tight black dress that makes you want to run straight to the treadmill and/or hide under a rock. We shared a couple appetizers and threw back a few drinks. Our waitress, who was a very sweet girl, explained to us that we came right in the middle of some huge festival. Unfortunately, because it was a Sunday and late afternoon everything really rad was already done with but the hoards of young hooligans still clogged the streets. JOYOUS! Our night consisted of just randomly strolling the streets and ending up at some Korean restaurant. Jeff was in kimchi heaven. My dish was pretty average, but I will never tell Jeff that because he practically flipped over backwards and had an orgasm upon first taste of his food. We retired (again) to the hotel pretty early. Jeff and I are pretty claustrophobic and weird when it comes to crowded environments and EVERYTHING was packed and super expensive. We both thought Kelowna was okay – nothing impressive. I did realize by the time we hit Kelowna that there aren’t very many overweight Canadians. Not to say that I didn’t see a few people with extra baggage, but they were few and far between. I felt like a cow in Canada – seriously. On a side note, Canada bans high fructose corn syrup….could this be a cause and effect type thing? As you may know, I have an EXTREME sweet tooth. I usually can’t make it through an entire day without indulging in something sweet. However, I went six days and only ate one bag of jelly beans (on the car ride to Kelowna). I’m really wondering if the HFCS makes me crave sweet. Just a thought. Also, this is interesting – BC had NO fountain drinks. They only had canned and bottled soft drinks, even in gas stations and restaurants. I wonder why this is. Anyway…on our way out of Kelowna, we ate breakfast at this Dutch place that served giant pancakes with a whole assortment of toppings. Jeff got a potato hash and I got strawberries and bananas. YUM!

Outside (with wind blown hair) at the Cactus Club Cafe w/ my summer sangria 

Jeff proudly displaying our finished appetizers - edamame and thai chili hot wings. 

South Korean feast. 

Delicious Dutch food. 

Day ONE - Nelson, BC
 We got home a few hours ago and let me tell you…it feels freaking amazing. The road trip was AMAZING, but being on the road for six days can sure wear a girl out. We headed out early last Saturday morning for Nelson, BC. I have never travelled out of the country, not even to Canada before – how sad is that? We decided to take the long route because I wanted to ride on the ferry – this girl cannot resist a boat ride even if it means waiting an extra two hours because we were four cars short of getting on the first ride across the lake. Let me tell you, the ferry was well worth it. We didn’t get to Nelson until about three. We immediately went for cocktails and lunch. Sadly, our first Canadian eating experience was not all that exciting. We ate baked mac n’ cheese and our server was incredibly rude and non-attentive. It took us ten minutes just to get a straw for my blended drink. Nelson is a beautiful little town, but very touristy which isn’t really my style. We stayed in this really old hotel, which had strange hundred year old photos lining the walls. Our hotel actually turned out to be the Nelson hot spot. It had a fancy restaurant, bar, and night club. We spent our night in the bar after exploring all afternoon and shared an order of potine. Potine (which will be pictured below) is a popular Canadian French dish – it is French fries, cheese curds, and brown gravy. Let me tell you, it was AWESOME. I felt the calories going straight to my flabby thighs with each bite. We retired pretty early (about ten pm) because the first leg of our trip wore me out. I couldn’t even lay awake more than five minutes reading before I was dozed off and drooling all over myself. Jeff woke me up about a midnight, all excited because some told him what one dollar and two dollar coins are called. I could hear the raging party down in the night club, but really…after you have three kids, nothing and I mean NOTHING bothers me. The next morning, we had a free REAL continental breakfast in the hotel restaurant and then hit the road to Kelowna (coming later)…

Waiting for the ferry. 

My love bean on the ferry ride. 

You can't really tell, but I am super excited here...and standing by one of Canada's thousands of motorcycle riders. 

This picture doesn't even do Kootenay Lake justice. Seriously, the view was breath taking. 

Blending in at our hotel. 

While Jeff got huge mugs o' beer...I got tiny shot glasses of cocktails. 


More pictures can be found HERE. 

Canada Bound!
In case you haven't read my fifty thousand facebook updates....Jeff and I are beginning our road trip through BC tomorrow. We are hitting Nelson, Kelowna, Vancouver, and Victoria. We are both so excited, it's not even funny...we've been counting the days for months. We've been planning this trip for over a year. This is the first real vacation that we've taken (alone together) since we first got together. Even more thrilling is that both of us have never been to a few of the places we are hitting - I have never even been out of the country! Part of the reason that we are doing this is to scope potential places to move after I get my Bachelor's degree. Jeff's dad was born in Canada and can actually apply for citizenship anytime. This means that Jeff and his siblings could also be granted citizenship, which would make it twenty times easier to move then if and when we wanted. Jeff has talked about moving to Vancouver or Victoria since we got together and I'm really growing fond of the idea of not being American (sorry patriots). Anyhow, today is full of packing, packing, and packing. Cannot wait until tomorrow!!!!! 

 This entry is a little, Portland was amazing. I felt like it went way too fast. I arrived in PDX on Saturday afternoon. My best friend's man picked me up from the airport and took me to a Chinese restaurant in China town. In North Idaho, our Chinese food sucks. I mean - the meat is all deep fried and unidentifiable. Nothing is fresh and it all tastes like greasy junk. So, of course...the first thing I wanted was decent Asian food and that is what I got! We were the only whities there, which is always a good sign! Chad then dropped me off downtown so I could do some shopping before Heidi got off work. I went to Buffalo Exchange and got 2 dresses, 2 pairs of shorts, and a tee-shirt for 30 bucks. Then I went to Powell's...which is like my heaven on earth. I cannot think of a place where I am happier than a bookstore that takes up an entire city block. Unfortunately, Jeff made me promise not to go there so I knew that I had to stay in the children's section. I bought both of my sons some books and immediately checked out, as to avoid spending my entire budget on books because then I would have to eat ramen for three days. I walked several over twenty city blocks to get to 23rd and window shopped. Chad took me out for a couple cheap drinks and then we picked up Heidi. Chad made us the most amazing margaritas that I've had in my life. Seriously. I've never even liked plain margaritas before. I drank two without even pausing. We then decided to hit the Montage for dinner. Hello, Old Mac how I've missed you. If you're in Portland - this is a must stop. I ate alligator for the first time in my life and it was amazing!

Sunday, we hit up Nancy's kitchen for breakfast and I ate the most delicious cinnammon roll french toast. Anyone who cuts a frosted cinnammon roll in half, dips it in orange batter, and then fries it is a good friend of mine. We then hit up Hawthorne for some thrifting. We then headed back home for a big BBQ and went to a Steve Miller Band show. I do not appreciate classic rock - sorry all honesty, I would've been much happier at a Hall and Oates show.

Monday, Heidi and I hit up this small cafe for breakfast. I had the most amazing turkey and cheese croissant. It was stuffed with salty riccota and then topped with some french cheese. Anything stuffed and topped with cheese is a-okay in my book. We shared this strawberry cream pastry that blew my world. We went shopping and after our feet were sore, we resigned ourselves to drinking. We ended up at this little bar called Bartini, which had the most amazing martinis for only 3 bux. Their appetizers were also super cheap (3-4 bux a small plate). We each ordered 2 martinis and had five plates (that we shared) and ended up only spending 32 dollars. Lastly, we caught a showing of Thor at the Laurelhurst. I love movie theaters where you can drink and eat...we need those in Idaho!

Tuesday, I spent the morning walking around saying goodbye to the city I love. I walked easily 50-75 blocks and it felt amazing (honestly). I love big cities. I love window shopping, I love the amazing food, I love that I have to exercise to get everywhere I want....I love everything. I was really sad to leave, but it was amazing seeing my husband on the other side of that plane ride. It was so great to see my best friend. If you don't know, I am socially awkward. I have a really hard time making new friends. I'm super shy and I can be eccentric. Being with her is super easy, we can go months wtihout speaking and pick up right where we left off. I would love to live closer to her.

I ALWAYS forget to snap pictures while on vacation. I get too caught up in what is actually happening, but I will post the 3 pictures I took tomorrow.


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