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Boring IS The New Black

22 July 1985
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I want to be artsy. I want to take pictures of random things like french fries and park benches that people actually think are beautiful. I wish that I could take a box of craft materials and make something that doesn't look like a toddler put it together. I wish that I could draw better than my seven year old. I wish I could make my house look like something out of a magazine. I'm boring - but isn't boring the new black?

I'm a full-time student reaching for a degree in Social Science. I have a husband and three children...this means that "free time" are not active words in my vocabulary.

I'm covered in tattoos, but don't let that fool you - I'm a good girl at heart.

I have a sweet tooth that doesn't agree with my child bearing hips.

I have two basset hound puppies that eat diapers, chew cords, and try to attack moose - if you want one or both, please let me know!

I'm passionate about music. I own a banjo. I love to read.